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28 déc. 09

Reception of the Pasta of Marseille


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May the Pasta be in you !

Under Translation. (My english is Rather bad , post your Translation in "commentaires")

Has Pastafarians near you : to see connected  to the site
In 2005, Kansas wants to teach the "creationism" in the course of Life Sciences (genesis inherited from the Bible). A scientist asks that this account His Religion is also taught it, at the risk of suing them, because , apparently everything is allowed.

For him, the world was created in 4 days here is 5000 years by the Flying Spaghetti Monster, our creator one evening of drinking bout (who explains its faults. Friday is a day off thus where we eat Pastas in ITS honor.

Everybody goes to heaven where a volcano of beer waits for us as well as from factories to Streap-teaseuses, and chippendells to the taste of each. Finally, it is necessary to get dressed as pirate ( the chosen people) to fight against natural disasters.

In the continuation, the Pastafarism (FLYING SPAGHETTI
MONSTERISM) made a buzz on internet, and was equipped with all the attires of the Real Religion, in spite of its "Pâstichism". And finally a case law in Tenessee forbade the teaching of the Intelligent Diseign in Life Scinces, which should apply later in Kansas.

But the Pastafarianism knew how to raise itself on the status of almost religion, answering the thirst of mysticism of ancians non-believers, while asking essential questions on the deep implications of the faith.
feu_17feu_18The second degree is never very far from the sensitive rope there
Well this blog will tell you the events of this "MOnstery" risk.

This page is a page of ressourcement, when you will have got lost in this blog, and in your exitenciels doubts, to restart with the good foot:

Menu: Pastas in all the floors.

click the main titles in turquoise to reach it (titles in english -> english langage)

carte01. IT exists! The proofs... : By the images

2.1. Pastafarianism ! what about that, that this ?  Little history of Pastafarianism

2.2.  Pastafarianism ? what about that, that this ? Seriousness under Pastas

3.1. Legends and anecdotes of the FSM : Big Brother  pap_210.2. Discussed in Vatican  10.3. Dalaï Lama and China  10.4. Sardine from Marseille  10.5. The KGB and CIA lied to us  10.6. Pasta Genesis soon taught in Europe  10.7. Hollywood : Coming out ?  10.8. The equation of its revealed Levitation  10.9. Pasta under high surveillance  10.10. Pasta World Bank  10.11. The beer flu arrives  10.12.Invisible Pink Unicornargent_82  10.13. A disappeared prophet  10.14. Interview of Superman

3. Is the pastafarianism of religious nature ?

3 bis. Religious madness & nonsense : The origins

4. 1. France in the steps of Kansas : Catholic diplomas in France 4.2. Britishs resists 4.3. The chientologie in France 4.4. The pirated libraries 4.5. Riposte ludique livre164.6. The Burqa 4.7. National identity (See farther : Durban II)

4.4. The french-style athéism

5. Founding letter of the Pastafarism 

6.1. Demonstrations Pirates and Pâsta: really! : des nouvelles du mouvement : intro-musique 6.2. Les 8 "Vraiment : évitez de." 6.3. TNT Chaine Parlementaire : Darwin 6.4. Micro crédit Kiva FSM à la création humanitaire d'entreprises 6.5. Petit manuel de lutte contre le réchauffement climatique 6.6. USA : Un étudiant viré pour "Habit de cérémonie Pasta" 6.7. Un pirate pour sauver les baleines : Sea Shepherd pirate_gif_ship6.8. Yves Forban à l'abordage du Frioul 6.9. Manif anti sciento à Berlin 6.10. Des pirates au parlement Européen 6.11. Des nouvelles des States 6.12. Prix du Shadok d'or pour "Total" 6.12. Solstice Parade 2009 (Californie) 6.13 Noodles Fest(s) 6.14. Parti pirate UK

Special Flash : Interview of FSM

google_fsm7.1. On line Pasta : French-speaking  Pasta links and shops 7.2. News of noodleless creationist 7.3 Corsair sites of piracy 7.4. Your on-line costumes (See farther Pastafarism in the world (attached in this site in English))

Auffes8.1. Lieux de cultes : Marseille : Histoire 8.2. Les resto. pirates et de pasta. 8.3 Musée et divers 8.4. Micro climat Pasta à Marseille 8.5. L' O.M.

9.1. Pastafarian shisms and doubts : Reformed cult of the primitive Pasta Pizz9.2. Male or feminine? 9.3. Practical joke or authentic religion? 9.4. Drunken genesis ? 9.5. Of the theological place of the piracy in the faith

11.1. Anti-religious racism - Durban II :

 11.2. L'Irlande "suit le ballon"pates_03

12.1. Pastas ! : History 12.2. The invention of the writing 12.3. Holy recipes and Blessings

13.1. Dialogue inter-religieux : La relativité d'un point de vue 13.2. Disccutionsbiere025 13.3. Devinette

14.1. Past'art : The art and the pastafarism 14.2. Music: Beatles, pirated pirates

15. Votre Touché Nouillesque : Racontez votre foi

16. Pastafarian deep thoughts, in the sense of hollow. (Whatever!) : Philosophy of Pasta included Shadok thought  sayings, Desproges)

17.1. Fais donc pas ta nouille ! Mais si ! : De la faute originelle 17.2. Athéisme ou mysticisme ? korea17.3. Dessein Intelligent chez les Rationalistes ?

18. Pasta on line in the world On line pasta, continuation : Links towards the main sites of part the world

19. Catastrophes liées au déclins des pirates18.0. La chasse aux pirates est ouverte 18.1. Réchauffement climatique et saccage de la nature. 18.2. Découverte de l'Amérique par Des Solutréens Pastafariquespirate_1 18.3. Séïsmes 18.4. Astéroïdes 18.5. Le point de vue des mages

20. The center of the world , The Mount Midjet :

20. Pour le fondus de chez fondus de la Pasta : Crédo, prières, bénédicites...

21. Vide Grenier de la Pasta de Mars : brouillons

22. Filmography pirates : Cartoons, Films, the first ones, and been similar

23. Songs of sea and pirates : J. Brel, Alan Stivell, Tri Yann, Renaud, H Aufray, J. Clerc, Noir Désir, Nightwish, Auregan, Corsaires, Alestorm, etc.

24. Pirates & Pastafarians on a binge :vacation_2

25. La Ciotat : Celebrate pirates: resistance in the big plague of 1720

26. Rappel : les 8 "Condiments"

27. secularism and faith in west

la vie du blog D'où viennent les connections par patelin, construction, etc.

Blog Spécial Sciences Pâstafariques

0. Accueil de la science Pâstascience

1. A bas le Darwinisme économique !

2. La disparition des dinosaures .

3. Quand les scientistes se prennent pour le Monstre en Spaghetti Volant

4. Pasta sciences (Relativity & Cosmology - part 1)

4.2. Relativity & Cosmology Pasta - part 2 (+ interview of Superman)

4.3. Relativity & Cosmology Pasta - part 3

5. Genetic epistemology of the religions (Da Pasti Code) : The mysticism through ages while waiting for Pasta 5.1. Intro (towards a Muslim site at first) 5.2. Nature and spirituality 25.3. Vanity of the religions 22.1.4. Question which irritates ( the religious centrism) 5.5. Misleading nature of the language 25.6. Misunderstandings religious inter 25.7. Temporal and spiritual powers 5.8. Rationnalism: new faith? 5.9. Secularism 5.10. Pastafarianism... Râmen.

Are you ready for the Noodly touch ?



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29 déc. 09

IT exists! The proofs...

The Flying Spaghetti Monster is sly. It is nothing to say it!
He likes hiding himself, as he hides the real nature of any things behind false scientific proofs. "IT" persuaded the humanity in false Gods in the past. IT makes invisible and pass-wall.

Demonstration of the "dodo":

oiseaux dodo dodot gif oiseaux dodo dodot gif oiseaux dodo dodot gif

We claimed that the Dodo was a bird who did not fly. Now we aspire that it flew but that it felt reluctant at it, because lazy. If we had put a cargo of dodos in a truck, and what we had made tipped over the cargo down from a cliff, no doubt that dodos, forced to the necessity of flying, would have made demonstration of their capacity; of even ejected by a cannon of man-standard!
As long as the experiment will not have been made, we shall maintain that the dodo is a flying bird. Let be the dodo disappeared for a century, and then!
His "Savour Deity" so feels reluctant to show himself, it is as far as "IT" do not exist.

Nevertheless moreover some rare images of Pâstappearances reached us: (I pirated a lot for that)


.                   .

: "IT" in its spatial cave a few moments before the Genesis   .



.                      .




 Most hurdy-gurdy known representation of the Noodly Monster :


.                   .                         .



: Pâstappearances a little time after the genesis (engraving of period)

     .                            .






           .                                .

Medieval illumination by Its Spatial Savourity:




Italia_1407     .


   .                  .



:Its Evanescent  Nouillity in Italy in 1407 

              .         .              .      

   .               .



   .                        .

Its Unmoved Flying Omnisciencity ( UFO) in forest of Sherwood ( 1963 ): 

.  .       .

No_l.                                   .

         .           .

Seasonal appearance of SantaPasta

Appearance in Germany        .       .             .

Rendez-vous Papal



Its Celestial Facetiousity also likes being allowed guess by coming to light under suggestive forms: flashes of lighting, fireworks, everyday objects, etc. (send we your clichés):


Malibu: apparition de Sa Sagacité Lumineuse à Malibu 2006


         .              .


                                   .                    .

Artifice                                  .

Sa Pétillance Astronomique dans tout ses états :



Pekin     .                                                               .

: Pâstappearances in the O.G. of Peking                   .

.                           .            .

            .                                     .




                              .                 .

.                                     .

              .                .

.                                   .         

The Big Initiator of the Freedom visiting its "Statuesque" Cousine in New York City:




              .                                 .

: IT freezes sometimes them (sophistic refined Humor extremely, only accessible to Pâsta Masters at the ultimate stage of their initiation)









Miraculous Oil :            .                                         .




Le "Monstre en Spaghetti Volant"  (in French) surprise in full camouflage :

.    .

IT is the Reflection of Any Things



In the highest of Heavens

cloud Its Shadow glides over Its Creation

A new proof of the ascendancy of Pastafarism on Catholissism has irrefutably just been established.

MulderThirty Pastafarians and so many Catholics have just been put on an empty stomach for seven days. the suite of which, one plastered by spaghettis and balls was been of use to Pastafariens, whereas an ostie was presented to the Catholics.
Pastafarians quickly recovered their faith in the life, the liveliness of spirit and the body, while the Catholics sank into the depression.

One of them would have even "blasphèmed" by seeing a counterpart Pastafarien sending goulument his plastered he was immediately excommunicated, then re-entered by shouting: " Long live the inquisition ", A mystic frenzy)

.                 .                                      I get lost... Finally the proof is "indubitable".

San Kukaiadn

For the unbelieving, here is the irrefutable proof that IT created the world in Its image and that in Its image IT created him- because it is the almighty, the immense, the creator of any thing and Its Holy Name is one thousand times blessed.
The image below is a structure of DNA. Now, this harmonious interlacing is similar completely to the "pâtafioles" graceful of "Sa Nouilleuse Entité Divine". It is so wonderful to notice as IT is in us literally, as IT is in every human being from time immemorial and for ever.



Deciphering of a Faith :

1/ For: in the 1st degree the Flying Spaghetti Monster exists well and truly, and we like IT as such. The first argument for the recognition of our religiosity by being : "thus prove we that our deity does not exist, and\or that our dogmae are more absurd than the others."

2/ Against (and for see 5th °): the rationalists and the other congregations. Look for us louses, by claiming that it would be possible that we can read our faith to the 2nd degree!... How it is convenient!

In brief: we would not really believe in Our Deity and in her dogmae thus, and it would be only by pure mockery of the very religion, thus an anti religion which could not take advantage of a religiosity which it would fight in fact. A religion without believer thus, and without God consequently (this says, a deity is not necessary for a religion to exist).

To go at the end of their argument: we would like to reach the status of religion, that to make a fool only better of the others, so by returning them on the same facetious plan as us.
Are a little bit perverse in their reasoning to throw back our faith, all the same!...

3/ For : Obviously our position is not situated here but in a plan of consciousness upper to these first ones (whatever ?).

In the 3rd degree thus, "The" Prophet said that the reality of the dogma had no important species (as most of the biblical chapters at the Christians). What counts after all it is the faith, not as long in the dogmae, that in the spirituality that they can bring us by the questioning which they raise (for or against moreover).

Actually, it is the religion which wonders about God's reality, where rather our impossibility to dread its reality (whatever reason it is), and of the vanity to want to claim to know about what we speak exactly to this level.

4/ For : Actually, our religion would take place in a 4th degree (we know: it is hard to dread for the others religions which have reached already with difficulty the 3rd):

In knowledge that to pay better for this vanity to want to lock God into a too exactly completed image, and inevitably in a blasphemous and false way. It is henceforth necessary to us to like it under an inevitably false image while knowing it in a total mockery and nevertheless with the biggest respect.

5/ For : In the 5th degree, we leave these various mystic plans to embrace them any groups, including the second: our first purpose certainly is not to question the other dogmae, but we can only make it against our will: as us let us be right (obviously!), aspire as we make it that we would be vain to define exactly God (so as to caricature us making it: what can seem parodic), this can only destabilize the cults which claim to have a rather precise definition of it. But our purpose is not there, but simply to investigate " for ourselves " our theological tracks in fact, the light can come only from the interraction of the reflection between these various plans of consciousness, by digesting skilfully the paradoxes by an pâstological approach ; and there particuler that the seriousness can never be there totally serious, and that the practical joke can never be there totally facetious.

In brief we are at the same time in the parodic contrition of the 4th, and thus in the parodic aspect of the 2nd, always while being in the 1st degree obviously, all this bringing us to the profound anti-dogmatic reflection of the 3rd which enlightens the others: it makes together constitute the 5th here described.

6/ Ultra for : Before passing in a some following degree, to avoid any fusion of the brain in Pomodoro, it is necessary to navigate one moment towards the deep springs of Pastafarianism (by dusting the humor all around) to find the essence of the first things expressed by The FSM and The Prophet in their "Eight condiments" and the page "about" of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.  It would seem that the Flying Sapghetto  Cult would be of use only as facade to esoteric things more mysteriously serious, such as a fight against religious devils put to sleep in the feet of the volcano of the dogmae, to domesticate dragons " Vanitius " " Ostracius ", and "Perversius", to arrive at the garden of the simple things of the life opening on bright doors towards one even, the others, and the Big Other.Whaouuvv ... ... ...

- We shall pass on the other degrees of the magistery Pasta, out of consideration for the necessary slow maturation of the progress through the Ancestral Divinatory Arts, which needs not to be too abruptly revealed to be likened well.

7382 / For : In 7382th degree (to see more, in fact rather towards the millionth according to the principle Pasta: " if we have that a chance on 1 million to succeed, let us hasten we to miss the first 999 999 tries, to succeed better ") the light thus springs, and we then realize that the Image of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, which so much made us smile there really, is Really the Pure and Real Image of God, and not this simple sensible symbolic figure make progress our mystic maturation.

What returns us to the 1st degree thus but we see it otherwise after all this progress.

RAâaamen . . .

Well then obviously, rationalists and the other religions, which with difficulty reached the 3rd degree, have difficulty in thinking of us capable of reaching it. Having said that, the inclination of some to want to confine us in the second exclusively parodic degree is doubtless purely Machiavellian. They would have perfectly perceived that we had exceeded their own plans of consciousness... They try simply to make us be supposed to be for "zozos", with the little hardened spirits, to maintain still in them the illusion, that they are still ahead of on us.

Then obviously as Pastafarian we would like to stay in the 1st or in 7382nd degrees which are the purest, but that allows the hostile to confine us in the parodic 2nd degree. Thus from time to time, it is good to half-open to them the door of the other degrees to assert to them all the depth (in the sense of hollow) of our theological background ( Attention! Make it only to those who are capable of taking: the shock is sometimes too intense for weak spirits).

And then, I like the first degree, following the principle Pasta: " be supposed to be for an imbecile with the eyes of an idiot is a sensual delight of fine gourmet ".

perdu ? la carte aux trésors



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Pastafarism ! what about that, that this ?

You are free to read or not what follows :

It can seriously affect your mental health


What Pastafariansm ?

In 2005, the state of KANSAS decrees the compulsory teaching of the creationism (the creation of the world inherited from the Bible), in parallel in the Darwinism ( scientific conception), so that " the children can be made an idea by them the same of the reality of things in the confrontation of points of view ".
Bobby Henderson, Prophet and Greatester Master Pasta between all, a scientist, says to himself that after all, if each is free to assert his "abracadabrantic" point of view on the question, he could also bring his stone to the knowledge of any things. His rationalist spirit is touched by the Favor with the aid of its "Cosmic Noodlity".

Because this state is deaf in the rational arguments, so much to carry the debate where it is situated: the freedom of conscience by the Absurd.

He creates Pastafarism (so said the Flying Spaghetti Monsterism): a new religion, a quintessence and an outcome of all the others religions.

At once religion, and against all the fundamentalisms, which lets all the non-believers free assume finally their human mysticism repulsed by their rationalism, and the believers of any free edges to take their distances in front of the most improbable religious inventions, inherited from the Middle Ages and from the very prolix antique in metaphors quite straight ahead taken out of children's stories.

But still ?

He proposes in our free will his revelation of the genesis of the universe. God created the man in his image: the human brain looking like a dish of spaghetti, the creator is in fact a " Monster of flying spaghettis" (Flying Spaghetti Monster: (Soucoupe_1Flying saucers would be only appearances of dishes of flying spaghettis).OVNI

"IT" created the world here is 5000 years, in 0,0637196427 secondes* (very pushed investigations were led on the subject): a mountain with trees and dwarf, where from everything ensued. * It is an information deviationist of the dogma. 

The Flying Spaghetti Monster  is a facetious being: "IT" spent 3 days following to stuff Its world of false scientific proofs to persuade us that the science exists. So "IT" buried rests of dinosaurs in the ground to persuade that the world is much more former than it is in reality.

The chosen people are the pirates former version with gallion, cutlass, etc.), and their decline sounds the knell of disasters: so the announced apocalypse is the global warming: the temperature rises in to make and for measure of their disappearance. The pirate costume is thus the suit of Pastafarian: In what would this one be more ridiculous than certain getups of catholic or orthodox prelates ?

For lack of pirates' boat, Pastafarianic ceremonies takes place on Fridays around a plate of pasta (in a table d'hôte, or in a restaurant as a place of ceremony). Obviously, pushed studies demonstrated that the weekly consumption of a plate of pasta lengthened the life expectation.Crossville

Let us greet on the Passage the erection of a statue to "Its Spatial Saviority" to Crossville in Tennessy (USA).

The despondent spirits will find this a little ridiculous religion, and shall treat it of badly imitation of religion. What what Master Pâsta will answer that it is not really more bizarre than the others. A real religious debate can be established at this level. On this matter I tried a link of point of view with Jehovah's Witnesses come sell door-to-door, but the debate came to a sudden end, my interlocutors being fast short of arguments. Of the time when I tried to set them scientific arguments they had nevertheless answer to everything, while on the strictly religious ground, they regrettably fast beat a retreat.

Is Pastafarian a dupe of the folklore attached to its religion?

Let us not make the effort to set rationalism and religion. The history of the humanity demonstrates that the human being is a being molded by mysticism for a long time. Conrad Lorenz also even demonstrated that animals were superstitious, not to say mystic. Our human nature as much as animal carries us logically to it. There's no need to repulse our natural tendencies on behalf of rationalism. So much assume them as such, with recession and vividness, by throwing by top edge this rationalism which restrains us.

We take our faiths for what they are (Real and indisputable). But, we hold it in the same way that the Jews, the Christians and Muslims like their Bible. The Roman Catholic Church admits itself that the Bible contains many episodes which are to be read to the metaphoric sense of the term. The Jews and moderate Muslims are on the same wavelength. This way Pastafari is contrary to any fundamentalism: the dogma can be there totally metaphoric in itself, but we hold it. There is a big freedom of interpretation around the original base, and each can bring it his stone. Or, certain Pastafarians is more enticed by its colorful folklore* than by its profoundly mystic nature, and why not: the ways of Its Gliding Ingenuity are impenetrable.

*Maybe attracted by the pastafarian paradise, its volcano of Beer and its factory to Stripper to the taste of each (For lack of virgins as at the Muslims). 


It is even possible what is more certain Pastafarians shows itself haughty and contemptuous face to face the other religions, but there is not the comment, the inter-religious dialogue has to remain cheerful and cheerful: the pastafarian rhetoric is unstoppable, and showed its ability in front of of redoubtable opponents such as the Jehovah's Witnesses themself.

All that Pastafarism demands, it is that we respect its religion in the same way as the others. It does not throw back the other religions, but looks for on the contrary the debate of idea in the point of view scientific mystico.

So, hardly of his revelation " Nouillesque " bobby Henderson asked by open letter open letter expos_of january 2005 To the educational committee of the state of Kansas where his religion is also taught in this state, where the children can really be made an idea by them the same of the reality of things in the confrontation of points of view. He also demanded that Friday is a holy day (been unemployed) there in the same way as on Sundays.
Threatening to attack the state of Kansas in justice if his request was pushed away ..

Anecdotally, the teaching of the Intelligent Design is crossed in Kansas, not Pastafarianism, but opoosants in ID in the committee feasted. Then the teaching of the Intelligent design in the classes of science was refused during the trial Dover ( Pennsylvania). This judgmen making case law, it is likely that its conclusion (that the fact that the Intelligent Design does not find from the science but from the religion, and thus cannot be taught in the classes of science) propagates in the other states. What a muddle! But no case law was able to be held against Pastafarism and every hope are still allowed us.

Let us note that Pastafarism is laic by definition: he wants to be respected only in the same way as the other religions, without more. No other US state that Kansas and Tennesse was assigned in justice as far as no religion was officially scientifically taught it. Sunday being holiday only by custom, and not by religious fact by respect for the other religions.

The problem should not thus arise in laic earth as France, even if some Pastafariians risks to make some zeal. Nevertheless, when the secularism is grazed there, it is evident that Pastafarism demands the same privileges as quite other religion.

Hardly let us demand we our weekly religious broadcast on the public TV, the right to deliver university degrees following the example of the Catholics, and our plate of pasta on Fridays to the canteen of company.

Pastafarism will not demand a status of religion of state in fundamentalist earth, where it privileges the religious debate face has regimes more totalitarian than monk strictly speaking: Pastafarian is a bon vivant Epicurean, who has only to make of martyr.


Some pastafarian customs :

Pastafarian Hello :
" May you be touched by Its Noodly Appentage"  . . . . . . . OR

" May the pâsta be in you "

After a pastafarian judgment :  . "Râmen" ( Japanees noodle)

After a sneeze: "pesto"

Thus Râmen my dear good possessed by the noodly appentage

perdu ? la carte aux trésors



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