At the beginning thus the center of the world was the earth, then it was the ballot of the sun, then the center of the galaxy of the center of our galactic heap, him the same bend around a center of some heap, etc. The more we look and the less we find. And we do not still know ultimate center which shies away from our investigations.
What is logical when we know that Our Big Regulator Chafouinesque deceives our observations.

Finally!... The quantum physics be touched by Its Noodly Tentacles...

Canned_fsmIt noticed quite justly that the scientific observation gave in controvert. In particular, that what we observed depended on the point of view which we chose to observe a phenomenon. Everything depends if we take place in a practical, scientistic, theological or théologico-scientific optics, in white blouse or in pirate's dress: that is Pastafaric. They put it one time, to find these evidences.

It is affair of statistics rather than certainties: if we observe a phenomenon of a point of view A, everything indicates that the phenomenon has "chances" to appear has A': While if we observe it since B, his(her,its) chances to show itself will go B' .?.?.?...

Hey yes! In brief, everything depends on the place where the Noodly Touch carries us.

We can deduct two rules from it:

   1. The center of the world is situated where the Flying Spaghetti Monster indeed wants to create it.
   2. The center of the world depends on the point of view which we adopt.

- Of the first postulate we can realize that the center of the world " comes of " that is "IS" Ours Egocentric Omnipotentiality .
- Of the second postulate we can deduct that from it the center of the revealed world also arising from us, it is in fact us who are the center of the world    QED.

This last point is moreover of a blinding evidence. To the point that it burst us eyes without that we realize it.
The truth is not somewhere else, it is here, under our eyes: better the truth IT "IS" our eyes.


But let us dig a little the debate :

The reality is not what we perceive of her, Because it is only what we perceive of our perceptions in fact.
Better, we built in our head an image of the reality in to make and as we approached it on our early childhood. And henceforth our perceptions are channelled by kind " to stick " with this image.

Is any new perception can bring us to bend this constructed image, compared to the questionings which imposes this perception. Without noodlic experiments very sharp demonstrated that a "annoying" perception for our intellectual universe was rather truncated by our spirit to make it to it correspond rather that our spirit allows to have to question.

Sceptical? Let us see this small Noodlic exercise this below. Or thus these 2 teams: how many master passes is thus made the white team? Attention you are entitled only in one tries (the answer is at the end of video).

Well, what why you believed to be there, hid you quite other phenomenon not going into this frame(executive). Where from you did not see the Monster in Flying Spaghetti crossing the scene disguised as bear. Normal! "IT" had Youched the experiment of its Appendage. That we can be noodle sometimes.

feu_artif_5Besides you know well that the common will see only a fireworks there ->


And Nevertheless !

Well we begin again the first test: how much t-il there of rockets pulled(fired) in these fireworks?

Obviously it is easier when we know in what expect! Thus how many rockets? Aaarrghh !

Let you click for a video on the blindness which prevents us from seeing the reality: no lizard, you are that spectator Here :

Finally even prevented(warned), it is not always evident:

De facto the received reality is never that what we "well steal" to see there. And the world which we perceive is after all in us even.

It is has to say that we are indeed the center of the universe such as we perceive it.     QED. 

Actually, we return to our state of Pasta Primitive By Noodly Touch,

Making party of the Great Whole, where Everything is in the Center,

And where thus the Center is in Any Thing.

As Sacred Agent of the Centerity of the Big Cosmos, we owe Sanctify by doing good to us,

And by doing good has quite other Agent of this Alter-centerity Passée Présente or A Venir. .          Râmen...

Pour atteindre la réalité, nous devons revoir nos perceptions sous l'angle du Q.Q.M.S.V.P.D.T.C.? : Qu'est-ce Que le Monstre Spaghettien Volant Penserait De Tout Ceci ?


Because My Dear ConsPirators, really I you it said, IT is the Essence of Any Revealed or hidden Matter...

THE Center, what !


But everything is only a question of point of view

So by approaching the question of the "historic" center: where is situated the Sacred Mountain says Mount Midjet? Or better the Paradise Pasta and the sound says " Mount of Noon ", because, I you it said, the paradise Pasta was created at " noon of dawn " time...

It is the theological important question that the dawn was then situated at noon: IT put at once the sun in its top. Moreover, it is " Says Mount of Noon " which inspired IT the factory in Strippers... (French game of word "Dit Mont de Midi" = "démon de midi" : "Says Mount of Noon" = "middle-aged lust").

Certain exegetes would place Pasta Paradise in the sun, considered Its Noodly Protuberances. But nothing is less sure, and if you have information on its localization I am a buyer... RÂameen les donc.

Fsm_bonne_m_re_2As for the Mount Midjet, it cannot be the mount Ararat which is only the point of arrived from Noé after the torrent of to an anger of the MÔnster against Dinos which caused their loss.

Massaliotes holds the Mount Midjet as were the one of The Good Mother, The Pasta Primitive would be Madre of Any Things. Certain corresponding indications give evidence of this hypothesis: of numerous Dwarfs going to visit her regularly.


But Pastarisians (from Paris) objects that it would be the mound Montmartre, the Mecca of Ancestral Divinatory Practices in the ancient times. Meaning marten Pirates in Celtic Pastafarian, in reference to the lifestyle of this small predator, who gave moreover his name to the God Mars, Big Pirate with the eyes of Its Great Eternity to whom was set up there a Temple... Picasso, Pissaro, Modigliani, Toulouse Lautrec, Van Gogh would have been touched by its Noodly appendix (and would not have stood out from it unhurt).

Others tilt for the Mount St-Michel, or other; Greek will place it in the Acropolis or in the Mount Athos.

bobby_hendersonThe Truth, me you it said, the world extended by replication of the Mount Midjet: Ours Débonnairité Egalitariste not having wanted to make of jealous person. This since low Egypt, which had no consequent hillock, conceived to build itself retorts it even in the form of pyramids.

All that we can say it is that it is not about a too impressive mountain according to the Age-old Texts, confirmed by the Sketch Revealed by Bobby.

Thus not need to climb rocky bars to reach Holy of Holies. The Fuji Yama is crowned only as former volcano of beer. If there is a good hillock in your place, it is lucky there so that it is a replica of the Mount Midjet...

Send we your clichés with or without FSM, pirate or the other dwarf, to see if it is advisable to dedicate it.

Habea Pastus ! Name of a Map in the Treasury misled !