30 déc. 09

Pastafarian deep thoughts, in the sense of hollow. (Whatever!)

Attention ! All that contains this message been a part of the True Revelation of Any Things... (Except the sentence this before)  We shall have understood it, being Pastafarian it is to pay bonhommement tribute in human Noodlity: make it without wickedness and with enjoyment. Our Inconsistent MÔnstre made a noodlery by creating the world one evening of drinking bout, We act of paying IT tribute, Besides we know that the scientific logic is only a pure illusion of ITS part. It is necessary to us to get loose from this Reason... [Lire la suite]
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26 août 10

Interview of the FSM

Our reporter, Gambetta di Bosco, succeeded has to obtain an interview of the FSM after long negotiations by the intervention of Superman with Yves Forban (See > interview of Superman <). In the terrace of a shanty at feet of a volcano of beer and coconut palms, with waitresses very " maid café" freshly brought out of the factory, in front of the bay of the tortoises where comes to moor a schooner pirates of return of robberies, casually pushed by the soft breeze of the wide, while a gull come of... Ah shit!:  Gambetta di... [Lire la suite]
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