29 déc. 09

Pastafarism ! what about that, that this ?

You are free to read or not what follows :It can seriously affect your mental health What Pastafariansm ? In 2005, the state of KANSAS decrees the compulsory teaching of the creationism (the creation of the world inherited from the Bible), in parallel in the Darwinism ( scientific conception), so that " the children can be made an idea by them the same of the reality of things in the confrontation of points of view ".Bobby Henderson, Prophet and Greatester Master Pasta between all, a scientist, says to himself that after all, if... [Lire la suite]
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25 févr. 10

Pastas !

  Vth millenium ante J.C. : In the zone of current China, there are testimonies of similar products in pastas. (Another manipulation of the Monster on the dating).   IIth millenium ante J.C. : Noodles of the néolitique found in china. To Lajia on Yellow River, A kind of Chinese Pompeï after a torrent. Professor Kam-biu Liu: " it is this unique combination of factors that created of the vacuum between the height of the cone of sediments and the bottom of this bowl of noodles which allowed them to be protected... [Lire la suite]
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