26 août 10

Interview of the FSM

Our reporter, Gambetta di Bosco, succeeded has to obtain an interview of the FSM after long negotiations by the intervention of Superman with Yves Forban (See > interview of Superman <). In the terrace of a shanty at feet of a volcano of beer and coconut palms, with waitresses very " maid café" freshly brought out of the factory, in front of the bay of the tortoises where comes to moor a schooner pirates of return of robberies, casually pushed by the soft breeze of the wide, while a gull come of... Ah shit!:  Gambetta di... [Lire la suite]
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23 avr. 11

The French-style atheism

Many French pastafarians are atheistic or agnostic converts (see of established confessions: Jewish Catholics a Muslim etc.). To understand indeed how they arrive there there, it is necessary to replace them in the context.At first French come from the Catholicism, mainly, but as time goes by the catholic theology seemed more and more absurd, and many Catholics left the official church to become independents: only 5 % of the Catholics continue to go to the mass on every Sunday (2 % of the population). They did not join the... [Lire la suite]
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21 déc. 11

Faith and Secularism in west

Or more exactly between "ancient" and "new" world.  Further to the religious wars, Europe stands out in religious spheres of influence mono confessional stemming from the advent of the Protestantism in front of Catholicism. These zones of infuences are so often the resultant of wills of the sovereigns of period to want to free themselves or not from the guardianship of Vatican.  The countries where the bourgeoisie had a certain influence, which wanted to free itself from the guardianship of the nobility, knighted by... [Lire la suite]
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26 mai 12

Religious madnesses & nonsenses

___________The Origins :____________  To fight madnesses and religious nonsenses is a fuzzy concept, difficult to define exactly. So certain atheists consider that the simple fact of believing is a nonsense, even a madness in itself. How to define them thus rationally without falling in the sectarian excess ? We saw on the page " is the pastafarism of religious nature? " How the sociology defined the religion. The Monster is sly and inconsistently drunkard, we know it, and it created a heap of weird cults, from which the... [Lire la suite]
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14 juil. 12

Pâsta Sciences (relativity & cosmology)

Our Noodly MÔnster is roguish regarding sciences, IT manipulates scientific experiments to persuade us that it exists. But to remain credible, IT mixs the truth with the forgery: Ying and Yang. Any scientific truth thus contains the truth, It is a question of point of view, relativity. Bébert Einstein very almost uncovered the mystery of this quoted(esteemed). Small reminder on the subjectivity of points of view (see dialogues inter religious, and epistemology of the religions). To understand better, how we can think of being... [Lire la suite]
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14 juil. 12

Relativity & Cosmology Pasta (part 2)

Well, well, well, let us go into high gear ! Our current vision of the universe looks like about that (by extrapolating what could exist after the "end" of the universe : As we saw it previously, suppose that after the big crunch the time is inverted (in red). But if this time is reversed, why it would not return to its starting point so : this would be a vision of our disasterist conception of the universe which would perish periodically before to be reborn of its ashes. But human being is egocentric : if he sees disappear his... [Lire la suite]
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16 juil. 12

Relativity & Cosmology Pasta (part 3)

Relativity has its limits: in mathematics Pasta, any repository is valid in principle. But as soon as it enters the concrete, Noodly Touch muddies. As if sciences Påstås all repositories are equal, there are nevertheless more equal than others. So for the Apple falling from the tree of Newton, we can consider the apple as a reference, in which case it is the Earth that falls on the apple, and no the apple on Earth. But we feel the sting here. In fact it is neither one nor the other : they are both around their common center of... [Lire la suite]
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