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Pastafarism ! what about that, that this ?

You are free to read or not what follows :

It can seriously affect your mental health


What Pastafariansm ?

In 2005, the state of KANSAS decrees the compulsory teaching of the creationism (the creation of the world inherited from the Bible), in parallel in the Darwinism ( scientific conception), so that " the children can be made an idea by them the same of the reality of things in the confrontation of points of view ".
Bobby Henderson, Prophet and Greatester Master Pasta between all, a scientist, says to himself that after all, if each is free to assert his "abracadabrantic" point of view on the question, he could also bring his stone to the knowledge of any things. His rationalist spirit is touched by the Favor with the aid of its "Cosmic Noodlity".

Because this state is deaf in the rational arguments, so much to carry the debate where it is situated: the freedom of conscience by the Absurd.

He creates Pastafarism (so said the Flying Spaghetti Monsterism): a new religion, a quintessence and an outcome of all the others religions.

At once religion, and against all the fundamentalisms, which lets all the non-believers free assume finally their human mysticism repulsed by their rationalism, and the believers of any free edges to take their distances in front of the most improbable religious inventions, inherited from the Middle Ages and from the very prolix antique in metaphors quite straight ahead taken out of children's stories.

But still ?

He proposes in our free will his revelation of the genesis of the universe. God created the man in his image: the human brain looking like a dish of spaghetti, the creator is in fact a " Monster of flying spaghettis" (Flying Spaghetti Monster: (Soucoupe_1Flying saucers would be only appearances of dishes of flying spaghettis).OVNI

"IT" created the world here is 5000 years, in 0,0637196427 secondes* (very pushed investigations were led on the subject): a mountain with trees and dwarf, where from everything ensued. * It is an information deviationist of the dogma. 

The Flying Spaghetti Monster  is a facetious being: "IT" spent 3 days following to stuff Its world of false scientific proofs to persuade us that the science exists. So "IT" buried rests of dinosaurs in the ground to persuade that the world is much more former than it is in reality.

The chosen people are the pirates former version with gallion, cutlass, etc.), and their decline sounds the knell of disasters: so the announced apocalypse is the global warming: the temperature rises in to make and for measure of their disappearance. The pirate costume is thus the suit of Pastafarian: In what would this one be more ridiculous than certain getups of catholic or orthodox prelates ?

For lack of pirates' boat, Pastafarianic ceremonies takes place on Fridays around a plate of pasta (in a table d'hôte, or in a restaurant as a place of ceremony). Obviously, pushed studies demonstrated that the weekly consumption of a plate of pasta lengthened the life expectation.Crossville

Let us greet on the Passage the erection of a statue to "Its Spatial Saviority" to Crossville in Tennessy (USA).

The despondent spirits will find this a little ridiculous religion, and shall treat it of badly imitation of religion. What what Master Pâsta will answer that it is not really more bizarre than the others. A real religious debate can be established at this level. On this matter I tried a link of point of view with Jehovah's Witnesses come sell door-to-door, but the debate came to a sudden end, my interlocutors being fast short of arguments. Of the time when I tried to set them scientific arguments they had nevertheless answer to everything, while on the strictly religious ground, they regrettably fast beat a retreat.

Is Pastafarian a dupe of the folklore attached to its religion?

Let us not make the effort to set rationalism and religion. The history of the humanity demonstrates that the human being is a being molded by mysticism for a long time. Conrad Lorenz also even demonstrated that animals were superstitious, not to say mystic. Our human nature as much as animal carries us logically to it. There's no need to repulse our natural tendencies on behalf of rationalism. So much assume them as such, with recession and vividness, by throwing by top edge this rationalism which restrains us.

We take our faiths for what they are (Real and indisputable). But, we hold it in the same way that the Jews, the Christians and Muslims like their Bible. The Roman Catholic Church admits itself that the Bible contains many episodes which are to be read to the metaphoric sense of the term. The Jews and moderate Muslims are on the same wavelength. This way Pastafari is contrary to any fundamentalism: the dogma can be there totally metaphoric in itself, but we hold it. There is a big freedom of interpretation around the original base, and each can bring it his stone. Or, certain Pastafarians is more enticed by its colorful folklore* than by its profoundly mystic nature, and why not: the ways of Its Gliding Ingenuity are impenetrable.

*Maybe attracted by the pastafarian paradise, its volcano of Beer and its factory to Stripper to the taste of each (For lack of virgins as at the Muslims). 


It is even possible what is more certain Pastafarians shows itself haughty and contemptuous face to face the other religions, but there is not the comment, the inter-religious dialogue has to remain cheerful and cheerful: the pastafarian rhetoric is unstoppable, and showed its ability in front of of redoubtable opponents such as the Jehovah's Witnesses themself.

All that Pastafarism demands, it is that we respect its religion in the same way as the others. It does not throw back the other religions, but looks for on the contrary the debate of idea in the point of view scientific mystico.

So, hardly of his revelation " Nouillesque " bobby Henderson asked by open letter open letter expos_of january 2005 To the educational committee of the state of Kansas where his religion is also taught in this state, where the children can really be made an idea by them the same of the reality of things in the confrontation of points of view. He also demanded that Friday is a holy day (been unemployed) there in the same way as on Sundays.
Threatening to attack the state of Kansas in justice if his request was pushed away ..

Anecdotally, the teaching of the Intelligent Design is crossed in Kansas, not Pastafarianism, but opoosants in ID in the committee feasted. Then the teaching of the Intelligent design in the classes of science was refused during the trial Dover ( Pennsylvania). This judgmen making case law, it is likely that its conclusion (that the fact that the Intelligent Design does not find from the science but from the religion, and thus cannot be taught in the classes of science) propagates in the other states. What a muddle! But no case law was able to be held against Pastafarism and every hope are still allowed us.

Let us note that Pastafarism is laic by definition: he wants to be respected only in the same way as the other religions, without more. No other US state that Kansas and Tennesse was assigned in justice as far as no religion was officially scientifically taught it. Sunday being holiday only by custom, and not by religious fact by respect for the other religions.

The problem should not thus arise in laic earth as France, even if some Pastafariians risks to make some zeal. Nevertheless, when the secularism is grazed there, it is evident that Pastafarism demands the same privileges as quite other religion.

Hardly let us demand we our weekly religious broadcast on the public TV, the right to deliver university degrees following the example of the Catholics, and our plate of pasta on Fridays to the canteen of company.

Pastafarism will not demand a status of religion of state in fundamentalist earth, where it privileges the religious debate face has regimes more totalitarian than monk strictly speaking: Pastafarian is a bon vivant Epicurean, who has only to make of martyr.


Some pastafarian customs :

Pastafarian Hello :
" May you be touched by Its Noodly Appentage"  . . . . . . . OR

" May the pâsta be in you "

After a pastafarian judgment :  . "Râmen" ( Japanees noodle)

After a sneeze: "pesto"

Thus Râmen my dear good possessed by the noodly appentage

perdu ? la carte aux trésors



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    i am just a little surprising for your mind.

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  • Many thanks, My psychiatrist gets much better since I converted him(it) to the pastafarianism.
    In pesto véritas

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